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The six Garden rooms are housed in 3 separate cottages (The Rosewood Walk, the Lily Pond and the Sundance) – The rooms open out onto spacious verandahs overlooking the gardens. The rooms located in Sundance have wooden floors, ceiling and panelling. All rooms have spacious attached bathrooms. Rooms are well appointed, inviting and meet the high expectations of the discerning traveler. The bathrooms are large, airy and have all modern amenities. Coffee / Tea makers are included in all cottages. All rooms have an unhindered view of landscaped grounds, mango plantations and wooded areas.


Bring your dog to the Hideaway! What’s fun about travelling without your pet! We welcome your four-legged family members. Family includes four paws and a wagging tail, so don’t leave them behind! We welcome your pup as a distinguished guest and pampering awaits them as well. The Hideaway is proud to be pet-friendly. There are an abundance of nature trails and open spaces in the area that are ideal for guests who travel with pets. We give you and your dog the same level of respect.

“Dogs are our link to paradise. They don’t know evil or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring – it was peace.”

― Milan Kundera


Hideaway offers both non-Veg and Veg buffets, which consist of multi cuisine home style food. Some of the dishes are made with ingredients grown on the farm. Integral to the homestay experience is dining at the House table, where each meal is an occasion to sit down and enjoy a few hours together. At The Hideaway, you fill your plate and choose where you wish to sit and enjoy it, either under a tree or at the lounge, by the waterfall or anywhere else you desire. We serve a mixture of western fare, regional Indian favorites, traditional cuisine on occasion, served on a banana leaf. You can enjoy our home grown vegetables and fruits. Fresh Bread accompanied with home-made jams, preserves and relishes. Finish your meal with a steaming cup of Coffee. Fresh tea with a dash of milk or high grown teas with a twist of lemon are also great ways to end a sumptuous meal.

Things To Do

Estate Walks & Cycling

Choose to explore the 36 acres on foot or on a bicycle.

Bird Watching

The Hideaway is a bird watcher’s paradise – there are countless species of birds on the estate.

Board Games

Enjoy time with your loved ones playing some classic board games in the estate.


Fancy a thriller? Or maybe a dystopian fic? Pick a book and snuggle down in a comfortable place at the estate and enjoy the trip your imagination takes you on!